Visual Studio Configure NuGet Behind a Proxy

MultiBrowser's automation uses NuGet to download and install the latest versions of Selenium and its dependencies. This ensure that you are always working with the latest stable version of Selenium. 

If you are in an enterprise environment, chances are that you are behind a proxy server and you would have to set up Visual Studio and NuGet to connect through the proxy to be able to download NuGet packages (MultiBrowser's and other third party NuGet packages).

Note: This would be separate from setting up the other MultiBrowser applications to function behind the proxy (which can be done under MultiBrowser's "File", "Proxy Settings" menu option.)

1. Download the latest stable "NuGet.exe" file under "Windows x86 Commandline" heading from the official NuGet downloads page:​

2. Running nuget.exe with the following switches from the command line will allow NuGet to use and authenticate with the proxy (simply open a command prompt and browse to where you saved the nuget.exe file then run the following):

nuget.exe config -set http_proxy=http://proxy-server-address:8080
nuget.exe config -set http_proxy.user=DOMAIN\Username
nuget.exe config -set http_proxy.password=MyPassword

It will put the values into your nuget.config file (with the password encrypted):
  <configuration>      <config>          <add key="http_proxy" value="http://proxy-server-address:8080" />          <add key="http_proxy.user" value="DOMAIN\Username" />          <add key="http_proxy.password" value="base64encodedHopefullyEncryptedPassword" />      </config>  </configuration>
Once Visual Studio is restarted, it should be able to see through the proxy for all NuGet package downloads.

Some people might have success without the password or domain specified. Also, remember if you have to change your password per your company policy then you will need to re-enter your password.

It should work for Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 and Visual Studio 2015 with NuGet 2.8 or later to see past the corporate Squid proxy as an example.

We have created this "how to set up proxy support for Visual Studio 2015" guide from some helpful sources, most notably from Dave Shaw's post which is available  here if you would like to read more.


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